10 Sneaky Symptoms of Bladder Cancer That Every Woman Needs to Know

Bladder cancer is pretty much undermined and overshadowed by cancers like skin, lung, prostate, breast, and ovarian cancer.  This is partially understandable, given that bladder cancer makes as little as 5 percent of all cancers in the U.S, compared to breast cancer which makes up 12 percent of cancer diagnosis. …

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Do You Wake Up Every Night At the Same Time? This Is What It Means

There are internal systems and clocks built in the body, helping us control our bodily functions. Also, it is worth mentioning that the physical and spiritual health shouldn’t be viewed separately, as they are closely related. The patterns of energy placements to different areas of the body at different times …

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9 Ways To Increase The Serotonin In Your Brain

Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that sends messages from one area of your brain to another. It plays a role in a wide range of psychological and psychological functions, ranging from mood to sleep quality, learning ability, libido, appetite and even memory. Most people are aware that serotonin can be …

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